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The Lost City of Sunnydale Site

Sunnydale, California is disappearing again!

As if it wasn't strange enough when Sunnydale disappeared in a big
hole in the ground in May 2003, something really unusual is happening
now. Although residents remember Sunnydale, I can't find anyone who
can remember exactly where it was, or how to get there. Even stranger,
we can no longer find it on any maps (even old ones). We can't even find
anything written that gives its exact location, or any directions to get to it.

If I didn't know better, I might suspect some supernatural forces at work.

Ten years later, no physical trace of the city remains. Only the stories persist.

Here are the remains of the prior City of Sunnydale site.
(note that any content from Sunnydale based servers is gone)

The City of Sunnydale, California -- Founded in 1899, Lost in 2003. Some won't forget.

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